Assault of the Plague

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  1. Legacyspy

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    The Undead wish to invade dalaran, but first they must destroy the force field generator protecting dalaran!
    Dalaran has sent a group of loyal mages to protect it.

    Waves undead travel in a square spiral, from the outside to the center. At the center is a force field generator. Should the undead reach it, they explode.

    The only way mages can stop the undead is through spells contained in items.
    By researching magic, the mages can get items which contain spells. There are 7 paths of magic:
    Fire, Air, Water, Nature, Death, Earth, Astral.
    For now, each path has 3 levels.

    All spells in this map, have a casting time, and target ground. You have to predict where the enemy will be when your spell finishes casting, hopefully, they will be in the midsts of your spell.

    Each kill grants 1 gold.

    Each mage starts with Flame Strike. Flame strike has 3 charges. It costs 3 gold. It has a 6 second casting time, and deals 8 damage over an area of 500(Of which radius is the size of the path the undead travel).

    The undead come in waves, so far I have:
    1. Skeletal Warriors
    2. Acolytes
    3. Shades, Ghosting(They become invisible, then visible periodicly)
    4. Ghouls, Regen(0.5hp/s)
    5. Children, (Spawn Carrion Beetles)

    Each wave has 220+(wave number x 10) move speed and 20+(wave number x10) health

    Each type of magic also has certain traits:

    Range: Short
    Cooldown: Low
    Damage: High
    Area of Effect: High
    Casting Time: Medium
    Range: Long
    Cooldown: Medium
    Damage: Low
    Area of Effect: medium
    Casting Time: Low
    Range: Long
    Cooldown: High
    Damage: High
    Area of Effect: Small
    Casting Time: Medium
    Range: Medium
    Cooldown: Medium
    Damage: High
    Area of Effect: Medium
    Casting Time: Medium
    Range: Long
    Cooldown: Short
    Damage: Low
    Area of Effect: High
    Casting Time: Low

    I am currently looking for Ideas for waves of undead, most of them should have something "special" to them.
    I am also looking for ideas for spells.
    A spell with medium stats would be:
    Range: 800
    Cooldown: 18s
    Damage: 6
    Area of Effect: 300
    Casting Time: 6s

    Also, any ideas for what sort of stats Nature/Water should have.

    Alpha Up, and attached
  2. Sooda

    Sooda Diversity enchants

    With older PC nor slow connection isn' t point to play your map beacause it will lag too much to aim correctly *sigh*. I vision it like:
    Tauren666: It lagggz !!!!1!!11! (Aiming on creeps with 6 sec spell waiting time some how)
    WingCommander11: You lag might.
    Spleedo: Dropppp hiiiiiimm!!!!!!!!
    Astral8:Is it me or host ?
    (Meanwhile all leak and lives drop to zero.)
    (Now all got defeated, but our Tauren666 still lags heavyly at lv 46)
    Tauren666: Whatz going on ?!
    (Tauren666 sees other chat and... message apears- Defeat!)
    It is worst case scenario or when good things turn bad. :p
  3. Legacyspy

    Legacyspy New Member

    Are you sure you responded to the right post?
    The map runs perfectly...
    Besides bugs on spells and such.

    If this map would lag that badly, then you shouldn't even be playing the campaign in single player.....

    There are only ever 20 enemies on the map.
    8 Mages
    8 Spell Towers
    1 Force Field generator.

    If you would lag that much that you can't even aim a 500 AE flame strike then I don't see how you can play warcraft..

    You also have not even played it yet.
    Way to spam up ur post count.
  4. darth-yoda

    darth-yoda New Member

    I thought you ment each wave spawned 220 units. Maybe thats what he thought too..Looks to me like he(and I) just missread what you posted.
  5. Legacyspy

    Legacyspy New Member

    Good point.
    Ill fix that.
  6. NiKaNoRoU_GR

    NiKaNoRoU_GR New Member

    Any terrain suggestions u would need?

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