ICANN RAA Negotiations

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    Sounds like another dull ICANN topic for those who do not follow ICANN, but when it comes to ICANN the devil is in the details.

    In Dakar, ICANN announced the commencement of negotiations with representatives of the Registrar Stakeholder Group to amend the Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA). These negotiations are actively underway, and aim to produce amendment topics to enhance registrant protection and DNS stability for consideration at the Costa Rica Meeting.

    Sounds all nice and fuzzy for sure.
    Remeber this though from Dakar ? Domain registrars pressured into huge shakeup. Yeah the GAC ripped the domain registrars a new one.

    What's on the menu for the Costa Rica meeting ?
    1. The law enforcement RAA recommendations, including as formulated by law enforcement in its proposed code of contact;
    2. The “High Priority” recommendations from the joint GNSO/ALAC RAA Drafting Team’s Final Report (see Final Report);
    3. To the extent time permits, the “Medium Priority” recommendations from the joint GNSO/ALAC RAA Drafting Team’s Final Report;
    4. Other topics that would advance the goals of registrant protection, DNS stability, and increased predictability for all stakeholders.
    More can be read here : https://community.icann.org/display/RAA/Home
    I highly recommend Domainers to follow ICANN more closely. At first glance everything ICANN does sounds dull and boring and things never look to move forward.
    And i agree the pace ICANN moves is welcome when you are a heart patient and you cannot take to much stresss but the thing is some gaint steps has been made.
    .XXX , suddenly every domainer was up in arms and against it and doomed the Registry. People who pay attention knew about the 10 year struggle for .XXX and how it all was twisted into form.

    The new gTLD program that took domainers by suprise. Again you could have seen that coming years ago.
    And these RAA negotiations, they are importanted also, since the outcome will dictate domain registrar operations.
    And don't think ICANN is only ment for domain registrars , goverments , stakeholder groups.
    ICANN is open for anyone and everyone and you can freely visit their meetings around the globe.
    So don't be taken offguard and pay more attention to what is happening at ICANN.
    If you don't have the time or the motivation to follow it, then i highly suggest you read Domain Incite. Kevin Murphy microwaves the ICANN information for you on the spot into readable warm meals. It's Kevin's blog that made me realise years ago that what ICANN is doing has a direct impact on my business.
    And for those who still think a domain is just a domain name, think again.

    Have a good weekend.

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