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  1. This is damn gay! i just had my clan destroyed! on uswest....god damnit! some people joined my clan and had thier bot etc got it designated by my damn cuz and he tagbanned the whole clan. can anybody meet me now on uswest in channel udjn to make a new one please?
  2. mixmax2

    mixmax2 RedArmyGangsta

    what? First of is it YOUR clan? And if it is then how did it get destroyed?
  3. DDRtists

    DDRtists ɹoʇɐɹǝpoɯ ɹǝdns Staff Member

    What are you talking about? o.0
  4. ok ok ok Im chief, one of the shams (i dont know who, prolly my cuz) designated his "friends" bot. and i came back to channel after a game with him laughing at me in channel then did .tagban Clan PTBK...
  5. mixmax2

    mixmax2 RedArmyGangsta

    Well, I don't mean to be mean but YOU get to choose your shamans so if they pull that kind of crap, YOU shouldnt have picked em : / Well all you can do now is rebuild and choose your shamans more wisely. :(
  6. King TonGoll

    King TonGoll ORLY?*DDR*

    im in this clan....... i wana join again! i was doing a vid too.....

    o by the way i made a guild on wow!
  7. lol, this is a warcraft clan not WoW, if thats what you mean. tongoll, you where in my clan?
  8. WastedSavior

    WastedSavior A day without sunshine is like, well, night. Staff Member

    :D chris you still want shaman in VoF if your gonna be makin a west clan?
  9. yeah im gonna be a sham in your clan on useast and im gonna try making a clan on uswest ok?
  10. King TonGoll

    King TonGoll ORLY?*DDR*

    i was in your clan.... you have bad memory...... i was adding on the fact that i made a wow guild.....

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